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Announcing my Retiring on December 31, 2023

The joy I’ve felt in helping you embrace a healthier life has been remarkable.

However, times like these are often bittersweet.

There comes a time when saying “yes” to one thing means saying “no” to something else.

Today, I’m saying YES to my next chapter in life.

But, Before I Go, I Want to Leave you with a Few Thoughts!

  • Choosing a healthier lifestyle often involves making tough decisions.
  • It’s essential to say YES to your journey while occasionally saying NO to others.
  • Putting yourself first can be challenging, especially for women conditioned to be caregivers.
  • It might feel selfish initially, but consider this perspective if you find it hard to prioritize yourself.
  • Taking better care of yourself means giving your best self to friends and family.
  • Weight loss is never just about food and exercise; an underlying belief is always holding you back.

My “AHA” Moments to Inspire You on Your Healthy Journey

You deserve food when you need nourishment to live well.

You deserve love and respect just as you are, but you never deserve food “because you are good,” lonely, stressed, or feeling emotional!

Practice self-love daily and let confidence define you.

Your spouse, family and friends love YOU, the beautiful person you are, not because you are underweight, overweight or have wrinkles. That is just packaging and does NOT define you.

Mindset is a key foundation for lasting change.

Stop focusing on food and the numbers on the scale. Ask yourself how you want to feel mentally and physically. Make a conscious effort to choose foods and activities that make you feel great, energetic, and happy.

Focus on taking small steps, one at a time, with Consistency– the key to sustainable progress.

Stop apologizing for perceived shortcomings like “cheating” with food or exercise; you are human! Don’t overlook your small victories! Adopting an all-or-nothing mindset won’t lead to lasting results.

Losing weight is challenging, especially if you try to overhaul all your habits simultaneously.

Taking it one step at a time brings you closer to lasting change.

As you begin 2024, imagine the impact of doing just one thing better by as little as 1% each day!

Download this Healthy Habit Cheat Sheet to get started.

 A Little Reminder: Health & Happiness are Just One Habit Away

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