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You Can Get it Right with your 1st Bite with Healthy Habits 

Break free from the frustration of diet failure with our revolutionary No-Diet Approach Coaching.

Our No-Diet Approach Coaching helps women 50+ lose weight to overcome their health worries through sustainable lifestyle habits, so they can eat better instead of less and feel confident to enjoy their favorite treats without guilt.

If you are ready to go from surviving to thriving, our No-Diet Approach Coaching will help you stop wanting to lose weight and actually lose it.

Diets fail every time; the No-Diet Approach Coaching works because:

✅ You create your unique owner’s manual of how your body works so you can say goodbye to constantly counting, tracking, and feeling deprived of your favorite foods.

✅ You begin an exciting journey with habits that will help you lose weight and feel in control of your eating habits with a new relationship with food.

The No-Diet Approach Coaching helps you create new healthy habits based on Four Pillars:

Pillar One:


line drawing of a plate with fork & knife
Connecting how food reacts in your body so you will feel in control and enjoy your favorite food without weight gain or gulit.

Pillar Two: Stress

Managing the stress that triggers your fat-storing hormone, which prevents you from losing weight.

Pillar Three: Movement

line drawing of a person exercising

Feeling so good from the food you eat, that you want to move your body in ways you enjoy.

Pillar Four: Sleep

line drawing of a pillow zzz in the middle

Creating a nighttime routine to sleep better, wake up with energy, and feel motivated all day. 


Find out how our No-Diet Approach Coaching will help you break through the obstacles in your way so you can start living healthier right now!

Healthy habits are your solution for success!

How to work with coach Joanne:

healthy lifestyle
Bootcamp cleanse
Joanne Mello speaker -presenter

Weight Loss for

Life Program


Our 90-day signature weight loss for life program is a one-on-one online customized coaching program for women who are ready to ditch diets and learn how their body works to achieve their healthiest self.

A shorter program is available upon request.

The Ultimate Food Awareness Bootcamp -On Demand

This program is a 4 Module virtual self-guided Bootcamp, starting with a 14-day food elimination to discover how food affects your body so that you can reset your relationship with food – Combined with habits on HOW to eat to feel in control and enjoy your favorite foods without guilt and weight gain.

Speaker – Presenter

Joanne Mello offers inspiring talks, lectures, and workshops specializing in helping women overcome the obstacles of health and weight struggles. The proven No-Diet approach creates a new mindset of possibilities with simple healthy habits.

Stop Mindless Munching


This Facebook community is for women who are looking for something that works!  They have tried all the diets, fads, and products that promise lasting results and are ready for a new approach. Join us to learn how habits are your permanent solution to a healthier life.


I get so much value from coach Joanne’s free woman’s group Stop Mindless Munching. Joanne offers practical tips, and habits with a doable No-Diet approach. This is NOT dieting, but a lifestyle you live


It’s time to stop blaming yourself for your weight!


Imagine dining out and ordering your favorite meal with the confidence that you won’t overindulge, overeat, and gain weight!

Don’t just dream of a healthier you—take the first step towards a vibrant and fulfilling life today!

Take my hand, and we will take the 1st step!


Read how Healthy Habits have helped these clients

My first session with Joanne was enlightening and fun. I had tried many top weight loss programs but never had lasting results. Within 90 days, my clothes fit better, my overall health improved, and I am never dieting again! These habits have become how I live!”

~ Michelle

woman walking in park
Client Pat Bootcamp review

I did it; You can too!

I am down 9.5 pounds since I started the Bootcamp. and my A1c and cholesterol are normal! I’m 5 pounds below what I weighed in high school! 40 pounds to go towards my next goal! I’m never hungry and I don’t count calories or diet anymore. Thank you, Joanne Mello for your marvelous coaching!

~ Pat

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