Sustainable weightloss is impossible without this step

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Did you know that almost 80% of dieters feel like they fail?


Weight loss is hard.

If it was easy, everyone would already be skinny.

It’s frustrating and depressing to get stuck in that try/fail/try again the cycle of losing weight.

If every failed attempt chips away at your personality, confidence, and self-esteem, don’t worry; our No-Diet approach is your solution.

This approach begins with a process that uses your past attempts as a learning exercise to ensure this time will be successful.

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So why do so many diets fail?

There are 3 components for weight loss and maintenance. And if you’re missing any of these, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Imagine weight loss is like a 3 legged stool. If any of the legs are missing, you’ll fall to the ground and crush your chances of success.

I’m sure you already know what the first two legs are:

Eat healthy and exercise daily.

This is the typical response from Drs. nutritionists and social media, and you know that plan doesn’t give you lifetime results.

Your mindset is the most critical piece (the missing 3rd leg) of your weight loss success.

The #1 reason why dieters fail; is not making the shift to a healthy mindset.

But save your guilt because it’s not your fault. So few diet plans mention the mindset or give you tools to help you adjust it.

The bottom line is you must make fundamental changes in how you think about food, exercise, and how you plan to live to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Shifting your mindset is not going to be a quick fix. It will be challenging, and you have to do some soul-searching. But mastering the health mindset will empower you to lose weight and live healthy forever.

Step One: Assessing your Readiness

Here is how to retrain your mind and set you up to make healthy changes.
Step one is assessing your readiness to change.
It’s common for people to say they want to eat healthy and exercise, but they’re not ready to put in the effort.
That’s 100% OK, and if you’re not ready, then this isn’t the right time for you to start.

There’s no point and you will fail to get lifetime results.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve even said “I’ll start my diet again on Monday,” while stuffing my face on a Sunday night, only to repeat the cycle again the next week because I wasn’t ready to make the commitment to change.

Readiness to Change Ruler

This tool will help you determine how willing you are to change right now. Being at the right stage will dramatically increase your chances of finishing what you’ve started.

And be selfish. This is about YOU. Wait until YOU are ready. Not when your spouse or your friend says you’re ready.

Download the “Readiness to Change Ruler Worksheet”

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Here’s How to Use the Readiness to Change Ruler

The ruler goes from 0-10, with 0 showing that you are not ready to change, and 10 means you’re already down the path of true transformation.

If you circled 4 or below, then you’re not ready.

But all is not lost here!

The silver lining is that your honesty will prevent you from disappointment.

I wish I’d known my diet wasn’t “starting Monday” all those Sundays when I was using Monday as an excuse.


When you feel ready let’s talk!

I will walk you through a weightloss breakthrough session that will move you to feel empowered with tools to never diet again.

I'm ready let's talk

In 60-minutes,  we will get to know a little more about each other, then, with your permission, I will take you through a powerful exercise to unblock your obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your weightloss goal.

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