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Are you fed up with all the rules around food?

Do you count calories, and carbs, eat less, and exercise more?

Do you get confused about what is healthy to eat?

Do you wish you could find a simple way for a healthier lifestyle?

It wasn’t long ago when I answered “YES” to all of these! I was on a mission to live my healthiest life. I counted every calorie, stopped eating carbs, cut out chocolate and wine, lost weight – but felt deprived and grouchy. Nothing I tried worked for sustainable weight loss. I was tired, hungry and crabby. It wasn’t until I created new habits for eating, sleeping, and stress that everything shifted.

These are the same stories I hear from my clients every day, who want to learn how to find a way to live their healthiest life.

Michelle told me, “I felt like I was spinning on a hamster wheel and couldn’t get off.  I was tired, my A1C was high, and my doctor told me I needed to lose weight and exercise more. I just wanted a magic pill.”

Do you spend your time, money, and energy looking for that magic pill, diet, or fitness plan that will give you instant lifetime results? Unfortunately, in this world of instant gratification, it doesn’t exist – yet! This is why 500 million Americans are struggling with obesity and chronic health problems.

Trapped in the diet mentality

The “diet mentality” is the belief system created by society about “healthy” eating, exercise, and body image. It’s a diet culture you grew up with and accepted as fact.

Do you think of food as good or bad?

Do you feel guilty after you snack?

Do you fear weight gain from eating healthy fats?

Do you count every calorie you eat or burn with exercise?

Do you feel you can’t achieve a healthy weight without dieting?

These are the thoughts and beliefs from the diet culture. You are stuck in the mindset that diets and exercise are the only way to achieve your healthy weight. You may not even be on a diet, but your thoughts will always circle back to these beliefs.

Do you constantly think I should, or I shouldn’t have, or can or can’t eat that? Are you frustrated because eating is a constant tug of war of do’s and don’ts?

This is you, trapped in the diet mentality.

trapped in diet mentality

The diet mentality is learned.

You were not born thinking about diets. Your ancestors never obsessed about weight like people do today.
These ideas, messages, and beliefs are learned over time. The diet culture has become a billion-dollar industry over the years, imposing their beliefs on you so it becomes how you think and live. It changes almost yearly – a new idea, or a diet plan, driven by the industry that promises you results, and makes them big money. No wonder you are frustrated.

Breaking free from the diet mindset requires retraining of the brain by letting go of your limiting beliefs. These are thoughts we have from parents, people in our lives, and society as a whole. You need a shift in your mindset to forget a life of rules, guilt, obsession, and restriction.

Free yourself from the beliefs that make you feel out of control and become empowered to make choices that nurture you.

Redirect your focus to to a healthier lifestyle.

The typical diet does not take into account your bodies’ natural and biological intuition, daily lifestyle, or habits.

Everyone is unique, and although we all have the same organs, we process hunger, cravings, food, stress,  and sleep, very differently. These all play a significant role in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

As a healthy habit lifestyle coach, I have the tools to walk you through overcoming these beliefs, unlearning what the diet culture has taught you, and making friends with food.

Together, we will shift your thoughts and beliefs to focus on better health, rather than weight loss. The unexpected benefit when you change your focus is the weight will drop off. Redirecting your focus to a healthier life is the game-changer.

My client Holly told me, “I came to you to lose weight, but I realize what I really wanted was a healthier lifestyle.”

You Can Have it All!

My no-diet approach is a unique, individual, proven strategy, unlike typical diet plans, which are a cookie-cutter method for everyone to follow. Together, we create habits that fit your lifestyle – refreshing new habits for healthier eating, dealing with stress, sleeping, and movement, that treats your mind and body as one.

Nourishing your body will get you to your healthy weight, improve your health, and you’ll live a longer, more energetic life. Once you learn to connect the dots, of how you eat, sleep,  and deal with stress, you will develop new habits that will change the way you think about food.

Gone is the guilt, shame, and conflict in your brain that creates stress. Treating your body with simple necessities of life:  kindness, nourishment, and self-care, will change your relationship with food for good.

Make your health a priority and weight loss will follow

When you make health your priority, with new healthy habits as your safety net, the road less traveled will become your new path.

Simple habits that come from a place of honoring your health, and your well-being, can train your brain, and take you to a place of self-care rather than the willpower of self-control. This small shift feels empowering.

I work with clients to help shift this mindset. This is the #1 habit for success. As your habit coach, I hold the beliefs, until they become yours.

Health  a priority, weight loss follows

What if you felt free to choose the destiny of your health, your life?

live long withhealthy habits

“Healthy begins with a relationship between you and how you nourish your body.” 

Ready to change the way you look at food?

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