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  Have you told yourself that you’re going to “eat better?”

That you won’t eat any carbs or treats and you’re just going to do nothing but drink water and eat kale for the next month?

This All or Nothing mentality never works!

Here’s the secret to success with our No-Diet Approach.

Getting started can be as simple as looking at your favorite foods and choosing a healthier substitute.

The truth is, by choosing healthier options 80% of the time, the other 20% won’t derail your healthy living goals, as long as you always get back on track!

Here’s Six Simple Swaps to Improve your Eating Choices



Who doesn’t love carbs?

The issue is that most carbs will spike your blood sugar, increase your appetite, provide little nutrition, and derail your best efforts to eat better.

Why do you think restaurants bring you that basket of bread before dinner?

It’s marketing 101: bump the blood sugar and increase your hunger, and you’ll eat more!

Making these swaps will slow the sugar spike and balance your hormones to keep you hunger and fullness cues working for you.



Protein is the magic fairy dust for losing weight.
It fills you up, sustains energy levels, helps build and maintain muscle, and keeps you on track with your healthy goals.

The problem with some proteins is that they are too high in saturated fat, carbs, and sodium.

To ensure you eat enough protein, choose lean, uncured, grass-fed, non-GMO, or organic options to reap the benefits.


Fruit is “nature’s candy,” it lives up to the title with all the pros and cons you might expect.

It’s sweet, delicious, and full of natural sugars, but these still spike your blood sugar.

To make matters worse, the sugar in the fruit, called fructose, is not stored for energy; it’s stored as fat.

So enjoy fruit in moderation, try to choose lower sugar options, and always eat fruit with protein or healthy fat to reduce your blood sugar spike.


If protein is dietary fairy dust, then vegetables are the nutrition superheroes.

You will never gain weight from a plate full of veggies, but not all vegetables are created equal.

Some are higher in starch, heavy on pesticides, or can be inflammatory for some, like nightshades.

The best choices are organic dark leafy greens, nutrient-dense, and cruciferous veggies to get the most out of your plant food!


Fats are your friend. We have trained ourselves to fear fat, but it’s essential to a healthy diet, so stop trying to avoid Fat!

Beware of the words “fat-free.”
You’ll usually see several chemicals plus higher sugar and sodium to compensate for the missing ingredient.

Fat isn’t what makes you fat sugar does!

Choose small portions of healthy fats at every meal and snack.

They will satisfy your hunger hormones, and keep your skin air supple and moist.


Life without dessert is not a life sustainable for most.

You wind up feeling  deprived, and that always ends in a binge.

Our No-Diet Approach is about healthy habits in a 80/20 lifestyle, including desserts with a “Conscious Indulgence” concept.

Here are a few swaps to choose without sabotaging your best intentions to eat better.

These suggestions are for the “better ” options but every option CAN BE BETTER if you are starting from scratch, for example a bagel is a better choice than a donut.

Remember, it’s important to note when making changes to start where you are at.


You Can Learn New Habits

If you want to improve your health, lose weight and eat better, you will need to make some changes.

The good news is that you can teach an old dog new tricks, I’m 66, which makes me an old dog and I am living my healthiest life with the same habits I am sharing with you!

But, what hold most back is the fear of change.

But it  doesn’t have to be hard when you start slow and simple.

Make it easy on yourself.

Give it a try, substitute one food from the “Eat This Instead “column and give up (eight times out of ten) the foods in the “Pass on This “column.

Before you know it, your tastebuds will transition to the “better” choices.

Imagine the Possibilites of a Healthier You if You Tried One Simple Habit each Week for One Year!

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