Open the Door to Better Health & Happiness with Healthy Habits

Joanne Mello is a Certified Life, Health and Weight-loss Transformation Coach specializing in helping women 50+ overcome their health worries by losing weight through sustainable lifestyle habits around HOW you eat, ending the frustrating cycle of weight loss and regain.

Drawing on her coaching expertise and years as a dental hygienist consulting with patients dealing with health issues, she discovered the NO-Diet approach that begins with a new mindset that food is not the enemy; your habits are. Learning how your body works and creating habits around HOW to eat is fundamental for the proven success of the No -Diet Approach.

Signature Talks is a resource website that helps teachers perform their best. But everyone benefits from creating Healthy Habits. Starting your day energized without caffeine and sugar, will help you not just get through the day, but embrace the challenges and win the day!

Learn more in this free presentation, where Joanne shares many of her top simple habits that you can choose to energize your day!

How to Break the Food-Mood Cycle

Are you reaching for food to comfort you when you feel tired, bored, sad, stressed, or lonely?

In this presentation learn 5 habits to help you stop emotional eating and live a healthier life.

Why Diets Don’t Work

Stop blaming your lack of willpower for regaining the weight you lost from dieting. In this presentation learn why diets don’t work and new habits to stop the struggle with sugar cravings, and snacking urges to live a healthier life. 

The Holiday Survival Habits 

Holidays can be exciting and stressful for most which often cause the derailment of your healthy living. In this presentation learn how to create the mindset with habits to bring joy and happiness and enjoy your holiday without guilt and regret.

How to Practice Mindful Eating

Did you know eating mindfully can change how food is digested and whether it’s stored as energy or fat?  In this presentation learn how to practice mindful eating with simple habits to help you stop overeating and feel satisfied after every meal.

Here’s what the audience is saying:

“Joanne lights up the room and makes you feel comfortable instantly. Her approach is like nothing I’ve tried before. I’m excited to implement the small habits to start burning fat and start shrinking my body! ~ Delores


“I am a diabetic and found Joanne Mello’s lecture on  Mindful Eating was very informative and helpful and motivating.”
Joanne is truly inspiring!” ~Linda

“Joanne is so knowledgeable and helpful. After seeing her Why Diets Don’t Work presentation, I came away with so many great tips for better nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her professionalism and personality shine!” ~ Brenda

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Joanne is dedicated to sharing her expertise in healthy habits with everyone.

Aligning your eating, sleeping, moving, and stress management habits is crucial for improving overall health.

Whether it’s weight loss, increased energy, or enhanced motivation you’re after, Joanne’s thoughtfully designed habits are a solid foundation for starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Book Joanne to educate, inspire and motivate your audience with a new approach to feeling your best and living your healthiest life.

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