work life balance for health

A holistic health and wellness coach will help you create balance in your life.

Do you struggle with work-life balance?

No time for healthy meals?

Not finding the time to get fit?

Frequently saying  “I know I should but…”

Today’s fast-paced world is very different from the past. The demands of career, success, and family leave many feeling overwhelmed with too much on their plate and never enough hours in the day.

This upset in work-life balance leads to unhealthy eating, poor sleeping, and increased stress, creating future health problems.

This imbalance has created a need for health coaches.

Why do I need a health coach?

Doctors, personal trainers, nutritionists, or even social media experts, can influence your choices on how to get the results you are looking for, more often with a general plan of action. However, the results from these prescribed plans are temporary because you are constantly being told what to do.

Many people start off saying “just tell me what to do.” They are looking for solutions, but not all the same solutions fit into your lifestyle.  This becomes too confining and leaves you feeling out of control. You begin excited and motivated, but eventually, you hit a wall and stop showing up.

This type of prescribed plan can leave you feeling like you failed. But you didn’t fail – the prescribed plan did because it did not fit your lifestyle.  This is because you are now in an “I should” state of mind, rather than an “I choose to” state of mind.

dr orders eat less exercise more

Your brain loves pleasure, and over time you have taught your brain that pleasure comes from your habits, some good and some bad.

The best way to get life-sustaining results is when you feel you are in control, and create new behaviors that work for you in your day-to-day life.

A health coach can help you create a roadmap of healthy habits that you choose and fit into your lifestyle.

But, it’s important to find a coach that is the right fit for you.

6 Questions to Ask when Choosing a Health Coach.


1. Do you offer free consultations?

Some coaches have a consultation price and others may charge a fee and apply it to your program should you decide to work with them.

At Healthy Habits with Joanne, I feel it’s paramount to get to know each other. I prefer to develop a rapport with potential clients which then allows for candid conversations and honest relationships to follow.

It’s also a time to share your needs and goals, as well as learn more about my healthy habits coaching philosophy. This gives us an opportunity to see if we are a good fit for each other.  My healthy habit sessions begin with an invitation to fill out a quick quiz so I can get to know a little about your habits, which leads us into a great first conversation.

This consultation is always complimentary.

 2. Are you a certified or trained health coach?

Like so many professions, there are many coaches without training and certifications, some are great and some not so much. Would you trust your car or home to a mechanic or electrician who lacks training, or certifications?

Why risk something as important as your health?

I am a certified health and life coach, as well as a registered dental hygienist.

  • As a health coach, I use a holistic approach to focus on your health. This helps you to connect the dots between your mind, food, sugar, sleep, stress, and movement habits.
  • As a life coach, I  help you retrain your brain with cognitive-behavioral techniques that allow you to let go of the beliefs that are holding you back, and see a new path of possibilities to create a healthier lifestyle.
  • As a registered dental hygienist, my medical background helps you to understand how sugar and stress cause the same inflammation that promotes cavities, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, and cancer.

3. What is your experience as a health coach?

Well, we all have to start somewhere. Many new healthy lifestyle coaches will offer discounted programs to get experience and reviews to increase their credibility. Some offer free programs as introductory offers.

I have 40 years of experience coaching patients in my dental hygiene practice and 360 + hours of coaching required for my IFC-accredited health and life coach certifications.

During the past three years, I have coached women to live a healthier lifestyle, by focusing on their health. They find greater energy, weight loss, improved sleep, and decreased stress with new habits created together. These women put themselves first and feel confident with new healthy habits that allow stubborn lbs to fall off. You can learn more about my clients’ results by reading what they had to say in some of my reviews and case studies

4. Do you customize your coaching?

Some coaches will use the same plan for all their clients. I call this the cookie-cutter approach. But you are unique and so is your lifestyle.

A good health coach does not tell you what to do, or fit you into a prescribed plan. No one likes to be told what to do. It may help for a bit to have your marching orders, but it won’t last. Asking the right questions helps you see the possibilities of change.

At Healthy Habits with Joanne, I help you create habits and develop the mindset that creates habits for life. Not everyone lives your lifestyle or likes broccoli. I ask motivational questions that empower you to see new and exciting possibilities of a new path.
We work together with my expertise, guidance, and direction to create habits that last, so you will achieve your goal of a healthier life.

5. What’s your area of expertise?

Many coaches are experts in nutrition and fitness plans, some requiring monthly orders and memberships. Others specialize in mindset, meditation, or stress management. Many have certain structures and routines for you to practice daily.

At Healthy Habits with Joanne, I want you to feel in control. To have freedom in how you choose to live.
My expertise is healthy habits, techniques, tools, and mindset with small holistic habits for life. These healthy habits involve shifting your mindset to focus on your health. Balancing hormones with food (not products), reducing stress, improving sleep, and finding movement you love. A healthier you gives you more energy, weight loss, more confidence, and a longer life!

    6. How do your coaching sessions work?

    Some coaches will have 1:1 or group programs that are online, in person, or recorded webinars.
    Many will have payment options and some will have contracts.

    At Healthy Habits with Joanne, my programs meet once a week on Zoom, although many can be custom-tailored to your needs. I offer 1:1 online and group coaching as well as local in-person workshops.

    I understand that investing in yourself can be a big decision. There is always something or someone else that may need your attention.
    My goal is to help you if you are serious about improving your health.
    I do have payment plans to help you say “Yes” to a healthier you, as well as a contract to ensure both our expectations are explained and met, to help you take the next step to commit.

    Joanne Mello healthy lifestyle coach

    At Healthy Habits with Joanne. I want you to feel good about your decision. I want you to be able to say at the end of your sessions that this was the best decision you ever made.

    So, when looking for a health coach, it’s crucial to find one that fits your needs. You know yourself better than anyone.

    It’s your health, your life, and nothing is more important.

    I believe habits are the only permanent solution that most people are missing and will give you the same success that my clients are getting to create their best work-life balance and find their healthiest selves.

    Want to create healthy habits that last with my guidance, support, and accountability?

    I’m ready when you are!

    Make the best decision for your life to work with me.

    Ready for your free consultation?

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