Healthy Habit Holidays

Don’t Sacrifice Your Healthy Eating for Holiday Cheer

Get the support you need to stay healthy and happy this holiday season.

You resolved to stay strong and control your portions only have a bite of this and a bite of that; you have a plan -you’ll take more stairs, and park further away from the entrance to offset the additional calories.

Truth be told, it doesn’t happen. WHY?

It isn’t because you don’t know how to eat during the holidays. It’s because you are busy, not focused on YOU, and are often feeling something other than hunger.

What you need is a plan, support and resources to help you enjoy the holidays without regretting the celebrations.

And we have it all wrapped up in a pretty bow for you! 

Healthy habit holidays

Welcome to Happy Healthy Holidays

This is a fun-filled easy to follow 6 -week program that effectively navigates the holiday frenzy.

The 7 small step formula is designed to help you enjoy the holiday season without completely ignoring your healthy living goals

It begins with a powerful visualization exercise to clarify how you want to act and feel the season

This clarity will empower you to make easy decisions that align with your holiday goals and deepest desires.

Here’s what you’ll get for only $39 when you enroll today..

Daily Motivation

Healthy living requires constant focus. You’ll receive our monthly calendar filled with activities to keep you motivated and focused.

Live Trainings

You’ll learn how to navigate food choices, difficult people and other obstacles you may encounter during the holidays.

Weekly Q & A

You’ll have live access to me every week so you feel connected and supported this holiday season.

Powerful Prompts

You will stay focused on what you want to be, do, and have by responding to powerful journal prompts.

Awesome Support

You’ll enjoy our community of like minded women celebrating happier healthier holidays too.

Surprises & Gifts

Throughout the season we will award prizes to lucky ladies who participate in our challenges.

Hi ! I’m Joanne Mello, the No-Diet Coach

My no-diet approach busts the myths of eating less and exercising more; if that worked, no one would need to diet! You can achieve better health and a happy weight with healthy habits.

Have you ever heard you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, let me tell you about an old dog.

I’m Joanne Mello, a card-carrying member of AARP, which qualifies me as an old dog. I was like most dieters who lose and gain all the weight back. Nothing worked; I missed good food! I had high blood pressure and felt deprived, tired and hungry!

Then I discovered how food works and how calories are measures of energy, not fat deposits.

How different foods function with your hormones when you pair them together, and how eating, managing stress, and sleeping habits affect everything!

If you ever felt like you have no willpower? As a certified health & life coach, I can assure you it’s not you; your hormones have been working against you.

My no-diet approach helps you balance those hormones. Balancing stress, sleep, hunger, and satiety hormones with habits that last is the key to controlling your weight and leading you to better health.

Get instant access to all this and more . . .

When you enroll today you’ll be able to get a jump start on the holidays with our 30-page Holiday Survival Guide.

This guide contains everything you need not only to survive but to thrive this holiday season.

And because it’s delivered on electronically you’ll have access anytime anywhere via your computer tablet or smartphone.

healthy habits holidays bonus

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Still Thinking About It?

I get it we’ve all bought do-it-yourself programs and failed because we tried to go it alone.

That’s why this program is interactive, I want you to succeed and have the happiest and healthiest holiday season with a few planned indulgences of course!

Your fellow participants and I will be at your side as we focus on these concepts:

Nutrition happy healthy holidays


Enjoy your holiday traditions in moderation without the guilt. Our goal is to simply keep most of your meals healthy with the help of some great recipes and tips while allowing for some holiday indulgences.

Mindfulness Happy Healthy Holidays


We spend too much time on doing and not enough time on simply being and enjoying the now.
Each week a new mindfulness concept will be introduced to help you slow down and enjoy the magic of the season.

Giving Happy Healthy Holidays


You’ll learn how to embrace and live with the belief that it’s in the giving that we receive. Ever notice how good you feel when you give from your heart?
Each of us can give without cost. Giving does not have to be expensive gift, sometimes it’s just a smile holding the door open for busy shopper can make their day. We will pay it forward together.

perspective happy healthy holidays


A simple perspective shift can drastically change your outlook. We will teach you specifically proven methods which help form a bridge between your awareness and your actions.

Exercise Happy Healthy Holidays


You’ll learn how to sneak in 20 to 30 minutes of good healthy exercise three times a week to make you feel better throughout the holiday season.
With our 12 days of fitness you’ll discover how quick exercise routines can be fun and something you look forward to doing.

Gratitude Happy Healthy Holidays


You’ll learn how to develop a speedy gratitude practice that guarantees you’ll have much happier holiday season. When time pressures, obligations and last-minute preparations feel overwhelming with an attitude of gratitude a smile is always one thought away.

So Let’s Do It . . .

Happy Healthy Holidays will give you the tips and habits to enter the new year a healthier and happier than you are today.

You will maintain not gain over the holiday by avoiding typical holiday blunders.

Arm yourself against temptation with our holiday survival tips.

Energize yourself with activities instead of sugar or fast carbs.

Create mental shifts to increase the magic of feeling healthy.

Reduce holiday stress with gratitude.

Give yourself the best gift of health and happiness

Just like dessert, your SWEET  BONUS is
the last thing on the table

You’ll gain access to the Happy Healthy Holidays “members only” Facebook group.
That means you have daily direct access to me, as well as other women who are on the same journey.
If you need support, and accountability,want to celebrate a win, or just want to chat, the community is ready to serve you

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