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My no-diet approach is an integrative system looking at food, mind, and body as one.

    Are you often stressed out?

    Are you eating too many sugary foods?

    Are you eating  late at night or on the run?

    Are you skipping exercise because it’s not fun?

    Are you eating or snacking when you are not hungry?

    Are you missing out on 7-9 hrs of quality sleep each night?

    Did you say YES?

    Come and learn life sustainable habits to lose weight, find your confidence, and live your best life!

    Discover what you eat is less important than why, when, and how when.

    • Learn the habit of reading ingredients instead of calories – eat whole foods you can find in any store or restaurant.
    • Learn habits to rest and digest – living a life less stressed and enjoying all the moments you may never have noticed before.
    • Learn habits to move and groove – exercising with fun exercises that you like instead of strenuous gym workouts.
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    No diets, or fitness plans – habits to eat real food from local supermarkets and restaurants.

    Find the better you with healthy habits that last!

    Schedule a complimentary session to learn how a roadmap of healthy habits can work for you.

    Why work with me?

    It wasn’t long ago when I saw the writing on the wall. I was struggling with depression, my blood pressure was up, and my sugar cravings were out of control. As a born nurturer I love helping others. Today, I find it maddening to see how Drs. don’t have time to explain how to get healthy and writing prescriptions has become the norm. And, the marketing industry promotes food as healthy, but it’s loaded with hidden sugars, which make you overweight and sick.Let me help you sort through all the misinformation, Healthy habits are the permanent solution to move you closer to a healthier lifestyle. Food is not your problem, your habits are. Discover the relationship between eating, sleeping, stress, and weight loss is the key to better

    Many clients come to me to lose weight, but as they take small steps toward changing their habits, they realize focusing on their health, and weight loss becomes their best bonus!

    friends dining in restaurant

    Imagine dining out with no limits, no guilt!

    Do you struggle with the menu when dining out?
    Are you scanning for “healthier” options but you just want to blow your diet and enjoy yourself without the food drama.

    Imagine, you walk into your favorite restaurant and feel confident because you can order anything you want to eat.
    No restrictions because you know habits of how to eat that give you the freedom to enjoy your meal.

    No next-day guilt or shame.
    Habits are your solution!

    Ready to make small but serious changes to improve your health with life-sustainable habits that take you to your healthy weight?

    Put your health first, say YES !


    Our Total Healthy Habit Transformation Coaching program specializes in helping smart women like you who want to break free from the diet mentality and live a healthier lifestyle.  It is designed to reframe your limiting beliefs and old habits around food, sleep, stress, and movement.

    Join the other women who said “YES” to their better selves!

    I recently retired and wanted to focus on my health and well-being.  Coach Joanne and I worked on small steps over 90 days! Today, I have a healthy relationship with food, and easily maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Thank you, Joanne

    ~ Mary

    Find a healthier YOU with habits that last. Enjoy life with more confidence, energy, and excitement.

    Working with me:

    In 90 Days, You Will Achieve:

    • Control over your eating habits
    • Weight loss
    • Clothes from your closet that fit great
    • Fantastic energy
    • Improved sleep quality
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Improved concentration
    • The confidence you never knew you had
    • Lifetime-sustainable habits, that becomes how you live.

    How Simple Steps Sessions work:

    • 12- 1 hr personalized zoom sessions
    • Measurable and achievable goals.
    • Discover the root cause of your eating habits.
    • Balance your hormones
    • Shift your mindset from diet deprivation
    • Learn habits to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.
    • Decrease stress with personalized management techniques
    • Improving sleep with personalized management tools
    • Find movement that’s fun and that you love.

    After choosing to do your 90-day program, I will never have to diet again!! Thanks for retraining my brain and changing my life for the better.  These habits have helped me become better at taking care of me!!

    You are so good at what you do!!! I feel like we’ve been friends forever!!”

    ~ Cheryl

    Support, Accountability and Tough Love until Success

    Enjoy the judge free sessions, where conversation flows freely and laughter abounds with tough love to guide you to success. Good health doesn’t have to be hard, but it does need to be simple, fun and fit into your lifestyle.

    Together we will create a personalized roadmap of habits just for you and your goals.

    What happens after 90 days?

    Don’t worry; you won’t have to fly solo if you’re not ready.

    New habits take practice, and you may need some accountability to keep you on track.

    Together we can create accountability sessions based on your needs, so you can have support when you need it most.

    client and joanne zoom call

    I'm ready for a better me!

    Schedule a complimentary session and see how to start your journey and learn how a personalized roadmap of healthy habits can work for you.

    And here’s the required fine print as I am a Certified Life & Health Coach not a Doctor: The information provided in this bootcamp is not to be viewed as any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your physician for questions or concerns regarding this program.

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