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   If you are ordering out and eating a salad for your entree, you might be starving yourself, or worse yet,sabotaging your healthy goals with more sugar than a hot fudge sundae!

Just because salads contain veggies doesn’t mean they are the best choice.
Some salads might leave you hungry and tired.

Here’s the skinny on salads:

Typical restaurant side salads consist of just a handful of greens, a few veggies, and croutons, and are drowning in dressing.

These salads are missing the macros you need to fuel your body and keep your metabolism running smoothly and should NEVER be eaten as your main course!


Now, let’s check out the gourmet salads!

They may sound tempting, but they are often loaded with more sugar than your favorite dessert!

  • A typical “Seasonal” salad, for instance, may have some great ingredients but often has lots of high-sugar summer fruit and lacks enough protein, fiber, and healthy fat.
  • The “Waldorf” it’s often full of ingredients like dried cranberries, grapes, and candied walnuts, causing a blood sugar spike.
  • The “Classic Caesar,” a restaurant staple, lacks protein and fiber.

Healthy Habits to the Rescue!

Next time you order your salad, ask your waiter to add protein, fiber, or healthy fats. This way, you’ll have a balanced and delicious meal that won’t leave you craving snacks and feeling lethargic later.

And if the dressing is to die for, it probably is because it’s loaded with sugar. It’s better to stick with vinegarettes.

If you’re thinking, “but it’s the best part” I’ve been there too!

Try this habit,

Order the dressing on the side and only use 1/2; you will have plenty of flavor without a puddle in the dish when you are finished!

woman asking waiter to add protein

For even more salad-building tips, download this How to Build a Salad Guide.

It’ll help you create your perfect, macro-balanced, satisfying salad, ensuring you get all the goodness without any unwanted surprises.

Happy Salad Building!

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