winter colds and immune system

The temperatures are falling, the holidays are here, and for most of us, those two events will result in eating more food and catching the dreaded winter cold.

There’s never been a better time to build your immunity than now. Often, we don’t think about immunity until we get sick. 

Build your immunity – and lose weight!

But what if you could build your immunity and lose weight at the same time? As a healthy habit coach, I help people get healthy from the inside. I help you achieve optimal health by connecting the dots between how your body works with your lifestyle habits. But, how is weight loss connected to immunity? The answer: Weight loss and immunity are controlled in your gut!


lose weight to bulid immune system

Why are you losing weight everywhere except your stomach?

BMI unhealthy gut weight gain

I’m sure you have heard by now about BMI (Body Mass Index), the measure of belly fat which puts you at a higher risk of disease. People tend to carry belly fat when they suffer from inflammation – particularly gut inflammation! That is why belly fat seems to be one of the hardest areas to lose weight. You try diets, strenuous exercise, even crunches, and sit-ups, but nothing works! You lose weight everywhere but the belly! Then you blame it on menopause, age, or genes, and give up.

I’m sure many of you know someone who may be quite thin but they struggle with belly fat. Chances are good they suffer from an unhealthy gut.

Your gut and your immune system work together!

Your gut and your immune system work together to support each other to run a healthy body, and this balance is highly sensitive to diet and lifestyle habits such as sleep, stress, and exercise. This is why the people who develop healthy habits tend to look younger and feel more energetic because they have less inflammation!

When you eat a whole foods diet, reduce stress, get quality sleep, and exercise, your immune system promotes more good bacteria to grow, making less room for the harmful bacteria.

When these two are in sync, your immune system is better equipped to fight cold viruses and other diseases.

Food can cause inflammation!

There are more than 500 kinds of bacteria in your gut. Good bacteria is responsible for breaking up the food to be more easily absorbed by your immune system and other organs. Think of the good bacteria as the Pac-Man gobbling up your food. But when things go awry (lifestyle stress, antibiotics, and foods that cause inflammation), the bad bacteria multiply and crowd out the good bacteria. This weakens your immune system, creates inflammation that wreaks havoc with your immune system, and may cause you to develop a leaky gut. Leaky gut is where partially digested food is leaked into your bloodstream, as well as bacteria and other toxins.

Gut bacteria cause inflammation

Eating a diet full of processed high intolerance foods creates tiny IgG antibodies. These work hard to fight off the inflammation in your gut. They become overburdened when there is a constant source of high intolerant foods, leading to lower immunity, weight gain, stubborn belly fat, headaches, excess mucus, joint pain, and more. Take my high intolerance food quiz and learn more about symptoms you may be struggling with.


How do high intolerance foods make you gain weight?

Years ago, food was not processed like it is today. Manufacturers are always thinking and marketing food that sells. The diet industry has created products to go with every diet trend out there, from low calorie, low fat, low carb, etc. They research your habits, and they actually have flavor and texture engineers that mix and match foods and flavors to hit all your senses, creating a craving for more. 

Have you noticed how popular salted caramel chocolate is today? Sweet, salty and chewy – it feels Iike hitting the jackpot! This is no mistake. Food manufacturers are always one step ahead of you! When they take an ingredient out like fat, for example, in low fat, they add in sugar and other chemicals. This causes you to eat more and crave more. Over time, food processing has created a shift in food and how our body digests and absorbs food. You eat more, it’s not broken down properly, and is stored as fat. 

Seven intolerant foods

The truth is you are what you eat. Dairy and eggs that we have eaten for years now come from cows and chickens that are fed inflammatory corn, grains, and GMO’s. These are now in your gut. Corn and soy are some of the most highly genetically processed foods here in the US. And you will find gluten, from highly processed grain, in almost anything from bread, cakes, pasta, and sauces and gravy.


Reduce the inflammation in your gut!

You might be thinking, will I never be able to eat ice cream, pasta, or eggs again?

No, not necessarily; giving up these foods for 21 days will reduce the inflammation in your gut. A pause like this allows the inflammation to subside and your gut to heal so that you may enjoy some of these foods again.

However, I’ve gotta warn you, my clients lose so much weight, feel so much more energy, are relieved from body aches, and overall feeling better than they have in years that they more often choose not to go back to eating them.

Are you ready to get the same results my clients got in my Reset your Relationship with Food Bootcamp?  In just 7 days you will lose weight and start to feel more energy than you have in years. If you are ready to imagine a new you in 2022, join the new bootcamp beginning Jan 18, 2022. Sign up before December 31, 2021 and save $100!

Whether you’re ready to learn more about my Boot Camp or you’re not quite ready to lose weight and feel great, I invite you to download immunity-boosting foods to help you build immunity for a healthier winter.


Immunity-Boosting Foods!

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