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Small Simple Steps Sessions

The no-diet approach is an integrative system to look at the food, mind, and body as one.

Are you eating processed foods with so much sugar that your hunger signals are shut down?

Are you eating on the run or distracted so your body isn’t getting the full signal?

Are you truly hungry or is it emotional satisfaction you’re craving?

Are you missing out on good quality sleep?

Are you eating late at night or on the run?

Are you often stressed out?

Are you skipping exercise because it’s not fun?

Did you say YES ?

Come and learn these habits and find the better you!

  • Discover why, when, how, where, and who are all more important to what you eat.
  • Learn to count chemicals instead of calories – eat whole foods they can find in any store or restaurant.
  • Learn to rest and digest – living a life less stressed and enjoying all the moments they may never have noticed before
  • Learn to move and groove – exercising with fun exercises that they like instead of strenuous gym workouts.
  • Learn how to relax, and get a good nights sleep
  • No diets, or fitness plans – you will eat real food from local supermarkets and restaurants.
  • Lifetime-sustainable habits to address sugar, stress, snacking, and sitting that all-cause inflammation, which stalls weight loss, kills energy, and promotes illness.

Our Signature 90 day Healthy Habits Transformation Program

This program specializes in helping smart women who want to break free from the diet mentality.

Designed for those who need a clean slate, to lose their limiting beliefs and old habits around food, sleep, stress, and movement.

This program is for you if:

  • You are fed up with food drama, low energy, and confidence and want to slip into the clothes in your closet.
  • You are ready to make small but serious changes to improve your health with life-sustainable habits that take you to your healthy weight and lifestyle.
  • You are ready to make long-term changes for a healthier lifestyle.
  • You are done with diets, and the food deprivation rollercoaster of weight loss and regain.

You want more energy, focus, excitement, and fun in your life.

This is not a quick weight loss program, quick fix, or membership for fitness or products.

Results you’ll get:

  • Control over your eating habits
  • Weight loss
  • Clothes from your closet that fit great
  • Fantastic energy
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved concentration
  • Confidence you never knew you had
  • Lifetime-sustainable habits that become how you live

How the no-diet approach works:

  • 12- 1 hr personalized zoom sessions
  • Set measurable and achievable goals
  • Find the root cause of your eating habits
  • Balance your hormones
  • Shift your mindset from diet deprivation
  • Learn habits to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full
  • Decrease stress with personalized management techniques
  • Improving sleep with personalized management tools
  • Find movement that’s fun and that you love

    Reset Your Relationship with Food Bootcamp

    Our 6-week food intolerance program is available in January, May, and September.

    These Bootcamps are designed to discover your food intolerance, build awareness, and allow your gut inflammation to heal. You will be in control of your food choices and lose stubborn pounds from inflammation.

    This is for you if you have tried everything and still struggle with any of the following:

       Stubborn weight loss

       Low energy

       Brain fog



       Chronic mucus

       Skin issues

       Food cravings

    Results you’ll get:

    • Food Awareness in your body
    • Control over your eating habits
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Fantastic energy
    • Blood sugar balance
    • Weight loss
    • Go from, I can’t eat that to I can choose anything
    • Habits to stop emotional eating, overeating, and snacking.

    In the  Bootcamp you will learn how:

    To build your food awareness with your body

    To recognize the signs and symptoms of food intolerance

    New eating habits allow for optimal digestion and better blood sugar balance

    Not sure if coaching is right for you? Check out what clients are saying:

    I recently retired and wanted to focus on my health and well-being.  Coach Joanne and I worked on small steps over 90 days! Today, I have a healthy relationship with food, and easily maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Thank you, Joanne

    ~ Mary

    I had no idea I had blood sugar issues until I started this boot camp. My blood sugar is starting to stabilize! No more headaches, no shakes, and no dizziness!!!  I’m so happy I joined this boot camp!!
    In the first 2  weeks, I have lost 4 lbs!!!!! Woohoo!  Thank you so much for all the tips you have been sharing with me. YOU are awesome.

    ~ Dolly

    Three Ways to Work with Me

    Private 1:1  Online

    90 day Total Healthy Habits Transformation Coaching

    This program is designed for women who want to prioritize their health and want to add more energy, and fun to living longer with their healthy weight. 

    Group 6 Week Program

    Reset Your Relationship with Food

    This is a 6-week food intolerance program. Discover your food intolerance, build awareness and allow your gut inflammation to heal, and learn healthy habits to enjoy food without guilt.

    Group Online Coaching

    VIP Accountability Club 

    This 6-month group program is exclusive for clients who have completed the small simple steps programs.  Practicing your new habits with accountability will keep you from second-guessing yourself or feeling bogged down with choices.

    Are you ready to create your new healthy life?

    Schedule a free Healthy Habits Session

    Know someone who could use a little healthy help?

    Try the Healthy Habits with Joanne Gift Card!

    Give the gift of health that lasts a lifetime! This gift card includes a 1 ½ hour Zoom Small Simple Steps Session, a Healthy Habits Analysis, and customized Habit Handouts. In this one-on-one jumpstart session, we will discuss the client’s obstacles and come up with some simple solutions to help overcome them. $125

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