VIP Accountability Club

online accountability club
The Accountability Club is Exclusive Only to Healthy Habits Clients

Congratulations to you and your new Healthy Habits!

You are invited to join the VIP Accountability Club

Accountability is the one ingredient that glues all your new actions into your lifestyle.

These deliberate actions require a commitment to becoming sustainable. Accountability requires living in integrity with your thoughts to keep you focused on the steps necessary to hit your goal. Holding yourself accountable by accepting your responsibility for your actions and choices is needed for success.

But what happens when your “false self” takes over?

You know when you lie to yourself or come up with excuses when you don’t follow through. New habits take approximately sixty-six days to become part of your daily lifestyle.

So it’s not unusual when implementing a lifestyle change that requires multiple habits to struggle with your commitment and stay out of the feelings of overwhelm.

This is when you need an accountability partner!

As your coach, I have been your cheerleader, supporting you along the way to your new habits.

Creating a lifestyle with new habits that become automatic behaviors takes practice.
This practice allows for progress, not perfection.

Accountability will enable you to demonstrate your progress which rewards your success and creates pleasure loops in your brain. These pleasure loops are important because it creates a cascade in your brain to want more of the same thing that gave you this pleasure, thus reinforcing your new behavior

Answering to an accountability partner allows you to redirect, and uncover obstacles standing in your path to success. When we work together I will continue to hold you to a higher level, creating greater success with your new habits for a healthier life.

The VIP Accountability Club

The VIP Accountability Club is a group of your peers who have learned the same techniques and systems for their new habits.

Together we celebrate your triumphs and troubleshoot your obstacles. Sharing ideas with other women about their success is both motivating and inspiring. My expert guidance will keep you on track.

This club is a judgment-free group with support and a fabulous sense of belonging in the community.

Join us to practice your new habits until they are on autopilot. Accountability will keep you from second-guessing yourself or feeling bogged down with choices.

Your habits will become how you live without question or thought.

You have made tremendous life changes with your habits!

Don’t miss the opportunity to lock them in for life in the VIP Accountability Club


  • 2 Group Zooms alternating morning and evening.
  • Follow up email, keeps you up to date if you can’t make the meeting.
  • New tasty recipes.
  • Action steps to support your specific needs.
  • Text and email support.
  • Private FB group for a daily dose of inspiration.
  • Only $29/month
  • Exclusive to healthy habits clients by invitation only
Accountability Club

You’ve done the work, now let your new healthy habits work for you!

You can feel assured you won’t slip back into your old habits!

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