A Healthy Habits Coach can help take you to a whole new level of living a healthier lifestyle!

The truth is that habits are part of your day-to-day life, they are part of how you function and live. When you enter a dark room, you turn on the light without even thinking about it. It’s the same with getting dressed before you leave the house – you don’t stop and think, hmmm… should I put on clothes today? It’s a daily habit (thank goodness!)

You know you should exercise, eat healthy, stress less, and sleep more – so why don’t you do it?

You just haven’t developed those little habits to support that healthier lifestyle.

The truth is, we all want to look good, feel good, live healthier and longer – so why do we keep eating the wrong foods, skipping workouts, and staying up too late?

Think about it – are you going to say “no” to the fries with the burger? Of course not, because restaurants have made it routine or a habit to serve them together. It’s their habit, not yours, but it’s become so routine that it feels wrong to say “no fries please.”

Burger and fries

A Healthy Habits Coach will work with you to develop habits (solutions) to prepare you for these situations.

  • Maybe you will ask them to box up half of the serving of fries before you see them.
  • Maybe you will share half of the fries with your partner.
  • Maybe you will have a few and oversalt the rest, so they taste bad!
  • Maybe you will plan ahead so that every time you are being asked would you like fries with that, you will be prepared to ask for a substitute of a healthier option.

There are a lot of choices, and making your own choice is key to putting you in control, which makes you feel great because you are able to stay true to your goals.

working out at gym

Imagine if you lost one pound every time you hit the gym – you would be dying to go every day! But the truth is that you don’t lose that stubborn belly fat after an hour at the gym. In fact, because you won’t see the results immediately, it’s easier to fall off track and skip workouts altogether.

Now – what if you were in control?

A Healthy Habits Coach may suggest you go every day, but you only need to stay and work out for 5 – 15 minutes.

Wait. What? How does that work?

You are in complete control when you decide you only need to be there for 15 minutes – and if you take the time to get dressed and drive there, odds are that you will stay a few minutes longer.

And what about sleep?

It’s so hard to put down your electronics at 10 pm and shut off the show you’ve been binge-watching. You feel tired, and you know you should go to bed. You just know you’ll be hitting the snooze button several times before you finally drag yourself out of bed in the morning – so why aren’t you going to bed? Making sleep a priority takes practice.

hitting the snooze alarm

A Healthy Habits Coach will teach you habits to lead you to your goal but

it won’t be instantaneous results.

Your brain loves pleasure it reinforces the idea that you should repeat the pleasurable behavior whether it’s a good habit like brushing your teeth or a bad habit like smoking. It’s true that getting healthy habits established often doesn’t give you an immediate rush of pleasure, and that’s why it helps to have a Healthy Habits Coach on your side.

A Healthy Habits Coach will work with you to find that pleasure loop, to find new ways for you to make little changes one at a time, establishing new habits and eliminating old habits, and linking good habits to other good habits in your daily routine until it becomes just what you do and how you live.

Are you ready to create your new healthy life?

I invite you to set up a complimentary habit analysis, and start learning how small, simple steps can change your life.

I look forward to talking with you:

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