Are you frustrated & fed up with diets, forbidden foods, deprivation?
Do you lose weight and then gain it all back?
Maybe you lose it everywhere except for that
stubborn belly fat you can’t hide?

Here’s why diets fail you every time:

Most diets restrict the number of calories you can have. Not eating enough food every day allows the number of calories to drop below your resting metabolic rate.

women with measuring tape over mouth to diet

Ok, so why does that matter?

The resting metabolic rate is the amount of energy you need to survive every day – that’s the number of calories you need while you are at rest. That means – even if you never got off the couch, you need this amount just for breathing, heart pumping, and all your organs to function.
red rollercoaster

Are you with me?

When you aren’t getting enough calories, you produce hormones that make you eat more to gain weight! It’s like an alarm turns on that tells your body that you’re starving, and it triggers a signal to make you eat! So – you start eating even more and totally blow your diet, only to feel guilty and start all over again. That’s the typical “yo-yo” dieting – a rollercoaster ride you just can’t get off!

Can you relate?

But here’s the thing, your fat cells job is to store energy, but the muscle cells job is to burn that energy, so the fat cells still give you a little energy, but muscle cells burn way more calories than fat cells do! So, when you diet, you lose muscle, but when you regain weight, you gain fat, sometimes even more fat than you ever had before! Have you ever felt like you’re not even eating that much, or maybe you are eating the healthiest meal on the planet, and you still can’t lose weight? That is what happens when you “yo-yo” diet or restrict food.

Your Ideal Menu

The truth in finding your perfect diet, or as I call it, your ideal menu is to determine the proper calorie intake of the right combination of food for your activity level in your lifestyle. The number of calories will constantly change as you grow into a different phase in your life. Haven’t you noticed you can’t eat the same foods as you did when you were 20?

So, how do we find the ideal menu for you?

First, consider this:

      • Your body is unique only to you.
      • What’s healthy for one person may not be healthy for you.
      • Most diets are too rigid and restrictive leaving us feeling deprived.
      • Your perfect diet will change as you change.
      • Your relationship with food impacts your weight more than the foods you eat.
      • If you see food as your enemy, your body fights back to protect you by not releasing weight.

There’s a formula to create the perfect way of eating for you.

Are you ready?

Here’s how to discover your ideal menu:

Start by thinking of your body as a chemistry lab!

By using your body as its own computer, you will figure out the perfect balance of macronutrients. What are macronutrients? They are protein, healthy fat, and fiber! When you find the right combination for your body, you will have energy, feel satiated, and not feel the need to snack and overeat. Then those stubborn lbs. will start to fall off.

How do you find the right balance?

  • Begin by noting how food makes you feel within 1 – 2 hours after you eat.
  • Are you tired after you eat a particular food?
  • Do you feel energized?
  • Are you hungrier?
  • Are you craving sugar?
chalkboard menu with healthy food

Most diets skip calories and food groups and leave you feeling deprived. Cutting out food groups alerts your body to start starvation mode again because your body will always be searching for the missing nutrients. This causes underlying stress on or digestive system. If you are not digesting what you eat, you will continue to overeat or be hungry soon after, as your brain thinks you ate a snack instead of a whole meal.

So, what you eat is only half of the equation!

While you eat, who you are (as in a state of mind such as stress)

is the other half.


Move from what you can’t eat to what you can eat.

Imagine that you can eat anything you want because you get to choose.

Small, simple lifestyle habits that bring significant results will give you this freedom.

Are you are ready for a new way to eat to live,
rather than living to eat?

Are you ready to eat in a way that fits into your lifestyle?

Let me help you create these simple healthy habits!

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